March 15, 2011

Wisteria Halter Dress Review

The print of the Wisteria Halter Dress called out to me from across the store because it looked like something you could find on a kid's Easter dress. I love purple and green so I grabbed one to try. I had no idea it ran so large because I hadn't yet read Roxy's or Jewish Girl's reviews. But an 8 is what I had, so an 8 is what I tried. And it was too large all over. I suggest sizing down because it has ample room for curves. The dress has potential but I will probably sit this one out, even on sale. There's no winterizing it, in my opinion. And it is a bit bold and cutesy for my own day-to-day wardrobe. If you love the print, it would make a great shower or garden party dress. I would consider it if I was attending an afternoon outdoor wedding this summer.

1 comment:

noelvallens said...

love the bright print! and i agree it would be great for a garden party. yay springtime!


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