June 05, 2008

Too busy to update but not too busy to shop

Lots of change is happening. I am moving to DC for a few months. And I need to decide before that if I want to sort of move to Meadville in the fall for a well-paid visiting professorship. My internal debate is threefold: 1. Living away from home/partner/dog. 2. Working more to make more. 3. Dissertations don't write themselves so more work might mean less diss. writing. Though living away might mean more diss. writing because I won't have as many distractions.

Before any of this happens I need to be ABD. Ugh.

Anyway, recent purchases:

Turquoise patent Tory Burch Revas on big sale at Nordstrom

Old Navy k/o of Mike and Chris leather hoodie from ebay. I actually owned this once already
(bought on ebay then sold to an e-pal because I never used it). I grew to regret no longer having it so I found one again!

And lastly: Chloe Edith pumps bought from an epal at an amazingly cheap price:

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