August 18, 2008

Man house stuff is expensive

I am returning everything that still has tags on it to pay for more useful stuff that will actually impact my quality of life. Like ensuring I have enough in savings to not get panicky when something inevitably goes wrong in a 100 year old house. And buying paint so that the little bedroom doesn't look like a kids circus fantasy.

Shopping for clothes used to be really fun when every purchase wasn't laden with house guilt/hope. Plus I am going to the Bay area for a wedding in November and would much rather have ample funds to spend on vacation (since I planned it out to stay a week). A great date to a new restaurant while on vacation is infinitely more memorable than any of the DC dresses I bought just because they were marked down twice. If I feel like it and have internet, I will post a memorial to the closet that could have been.

It is strange how my attitude has shifted over the last month+ of living here in Georgetown. The novelty has worn off re: being walking distance to a consumer mecca. Occupying the fanciest house I've ever occupied, in the fanciest neighborhood I have ever inhabited has made me a little more class conscious than usual. I intend to stop looking for the quick thrill of consumption for consumption's sake. Besides, I have a lot of career related goals to accomplish in the fall that would be served best by a moratorium on the lure of window eshopping/consuming. Not having a steady shipping address helped break me of that habit. I should be able to keep it up once I move back to Pittsburgh.

I am off to return the wireless aircard, get a service credit from At&t, and then finish writing my museum lecture for tomorrow. Hopefully I won't need internet since I don't feel like hanging in a cafe.

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