January 12, 2010

Rodarte for Target, Rodarte for the New Yorker

Sadly, holiday hustle and bustle kept me from viewing the Rodarte for Target collection in person. Locally, the items were supposedly available at the Homestead Waterfront store. By now it's been picked over and the cream of the crop ended up in the hands of ebay price-gougers. Although I haven't been able to see the items in person, reviews abounded in the blogosphere where the consensus on itchy fabrics of questionable quality kept me away. Still, this mustard colored tulle looked pretty fetching on Natalie Portman.

Though I am always suspicious of valuing too significantly how an outfit looks on a celebrity (with their expert stylists, tailors, trainers, personal chefs, make up artists, etc.).  I recommend checking out the lovely and stylish Golden Means' and Wardrobereview's in store reviews:

This month, The New Yorker magazine features an extended profile on Kate and Laura Mulleavy (the sister designers behind Rodarte). You can read and abstract of that profile here.

Sadly, if you want more you will have to be a subscriber or buy the magazine in store. I was fortunate to receive a tiff version of the article from my stylish fashion blogger friend over at Standing Cinema. Thank you, Cc!


Tien said...

That dress does look good on Ms. Portman. There isn't a Target in San Francisco, but I went to visit one near when I met my sister for lunch (she lives an hour away) and found that dress in store. It's extremely thin and looks like lingerie.

Not something I could wear in my daily life. Too bad, because I do think it's cute.

Carole said...

I liked some pieces better than others and did pick up a few things for myself. I thought the separates were *much* better than the dresses. The dresses looked like they would be so ill-fitting that I didn't even bother to try any of those. Despite that, IA that the mustard dress looks very good on NP.

erin said...

the collection was cute but the stuff i wanted wasn't available in stores i looked at. either way very pretty in theory...

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Ooh I hope you will share some photos of the stuff you liked on your blog, Carole!

Thank you Erin and Tien for reading! Maybe it wasn't available in Pittsburgh after all?

Dea said...

So cool to see Natalie P. wearing Rodarte, she looks adorable!!


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