May 17, 2010

Anthropologie Half Yearly Mega-sale Starts Tomorrow!

Tomorrow it begins! Thanks to the gals at In Pursuit of Pretty Things the news broke last week and the anthro-centric blogosphere has been buzzing about it since. The tireless Roxy of Effortless Anthropologie has a speculative list up (and will have the full list up as soon as it is available) and Kim of Anthroholic promises to do some sale-eve detective work tonight so watch for that.

Not sure if I am going to head out to Mt. Lebanon tomorrow. I have the schedule flexibility but definitely don't need anything. I would enjoy finding this map printed Cartography Cardigan for cheap.
I also really liked the Blooming Lattice Cardigan.
The Two-Wheeler Shirtdress suffocated my arms when it fit my torso but I am sure a lot of people are hoping for this to make the cut.
And personally, I thought the Silver Lining dress was easy and charming enough to wishlist for sale time. After hemming it, I bet it would see a lot of sunny days this summer.
And to match the interior of my Two Paths Trench, it would be fun to find the Rainforest Morning Skirtdress.

What about you? Will you be there when they open? Any east coasters staying up til 3am waiting for the online markdowns?


roxyturtle said...

I wonder how that would work wearing the Rainforest Morning Shirtdress under the Two Paths Trench...would it open a wormhole or something?? You look great in everything in this set! I am LOL'ing at your comment about the Two-Wheeler dress though, I guess the fit model must have had really thin arms or something.

swee2th said...

I've been eyeing the cartography sweater as well. My husband's BS is in geography and his master's is in soil science. Rather fitting, dontcha think? Maybe we both will score! Brynne

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Roxy, I envision wearing them together as a 1960s style set ala Renee Zellweiger's character in the kitchy stylized throwback romcom, Down With Love! I'd show up at an event and unearth my dress from under the Two Paths to audible gasps from the crowd over what a smart dresser I was, with the matching lining. haha! Re: the two wheeler, I have considered declaring dress mutiny and unbuttoning the sleeves so my arms can breath freely.

Brynne swee2th, your husband's scholarly training would enable him to admire you in that sweater even more so than the average layperson! I really hope you find it!!

Tien said...

The arms on the Two-Wheeler was the dealbreaker for me.

I cannot tell you how badly I wanted the Cartography Cardigan--unfortunately, it is the exact shade of my skin color, so it totally washed me out. On you, though, it would look great, especially with your hair!

SunnyDay said...

I wasn't going to cave but I couldn't resist the Leaps & Bounds belt. I've seen so many women wearing it and looking great. I also finally picked up the Inked Paradise dress even though the reviews are pretty mixed. I've been staring at it since it was first released. The sale price gave me the push to try it. I hope it works for me, I think it's gorgeous.

I truly love the floral dress you're wearing.

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Tien, the arms thing is usually a serious dealbreaker for me too. But it isn't on sale anyway so it is moot! Same with the Cartography Cardigan, sadly.

Desert Flower, That belt is so cute! I will look great on you. I hope the inked paradise dress works out! The print is incredible.

Thank you for reading!


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