May 19, 2010

Anthropologie Sale and Fitting Room Reviews

I ventured southward to visit my nearest Anthropologie at the Galleria in Mt. Lebanon. It was super crowded but the stock was still neat and organized which is impressive. Everything I brought in from the sale racks was super lackluster so I was glad I brought with me a few newer items to try on for fun.  The above Perilla dress by Little Yellow Button comes in silver or navy and cream stripes. Roxy of Effortless Anthropologie tried on the silver and it looked so cute on her. It made me want to check it out myself. I picked out the navy because of the nautical vibe. The medium fit true to size but the deep v was just a little too deep for this to be the right dress for me.
The In a Twinkling dress by Maeve was so cute in person that I understood why Tien of Adiaphane fell in love with it so quickly. The stretchy panel made the sizing flexible. I tried on a 10 but could have sized down. The fabric is pretty itchy though. A dealbreaker for some (like myself).

Lastly, I tried on the Chocolate Chip dress by Zehavale. Anjali of Golden Means tried this one a while back and gushed over how cute it is in person. She was right. I probably liked this one the best of everything I tried on in person. This was a size 6. It fit fine so I would say it runs big.

Regarding the sale: I came home with very little. I grabbed a few pairs of tights marked down to $4.95. I almost bought the Silver Lining dress but I think it will make it to second markdown. I hoped I'd find the Rainforest Morning Dress but learned from the sales associate that they shipped all their stock to another store. I really wanted the Blooming Lattice and Cartography cardigans to be marked down but they weren't. All the better for my pocketbook...

Anticipation can lead to disappointment and that is how I would describe my venturing into the burbs to visit the Anthropologie sale. Although there were a few backstock items marked down low, it was easy to see why they hadn't sold to begin with. My store had a few skirts marked down to $10. Including this one:
A thick stretchy knit fabric and an unfortunately placed ruffle made it clear why this skirt languished on the racks for so long before anyone grabbed it. I came up largely empty handed minus the tights which I will store away for fall. What about you?


joelle van dyne said...

i really like that 1st dress on you! though i can see how the low v can be hard to work with- it seems like adding a cami would ruin the lines. oh well. the polka dot dress is very c ute too. ~joelle

Brianna said...

love the 1st dress and the chocolate chip dress on you!!! they are very flattering, I'm eyeing the chocolate chip dress for myself, thanks for the tip that it runs big

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Thank you Joelle. I don't think I can feel comfortable in something so low cut. I had to strategically place the criss cross fabric so that bra wasn't exposed in the photo. I would have to pin it or figure out another solution for real life wear.

Brianna, Thanks so much! I think the chocolate chip dress would be adorable on you!

roxyturtle said...

Oh my god you need to reconsider the Perilla. I hear you about the low cut V but you look amazing in it! Maybe with a cami underneath? The Chocolate Chip dress also looks fantastic on you. :)


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