June 23, 2010

Hypothetical Shopping: Summer Sales Time!

All across the retail web sales have hit. And although a lot of my favorite blogs are talking about the Anthropologie markdowns for this week, I've been a lot more enticed by Net-a-Porter's additional sale markdowns, 60% off Saks, additional 25% off sale prices at Neiman Marcus, and 40% off plus the 10% off coupon (YOOXMUNDIAL) at Yoox. Here are some of the items filling my virtual carts.

Note that I haven't confirmed any of these hypothetical purchases. I just filled a few carts and sat with the possibility that stuff could sell out before I return from Chicago. Even if it does, I'd rather shop in person where it is slightly less risky than shop and have a potential return hassle.


Rad said...

Ooh, these are all very beautiful. I especially love the blue/orange cardigan with the twin row of buttons and the drapey short grey dress.
I wanted to apologize if I offended you with my comment on Fashionable Academic's blog. I know that's a bad terms.
Also, enjoy Chicago. I'll be there too, sweating and running around with friends/family/in-laws. It's one of my favorite cities.

Ady Grafovna said...

I love hypothetical shopping! I, too, fill up baskets online and daydream about where I would wear all the pretty things. :)

There does seem to be a sale epidemic lately though. My pocketbook is crying to me to not give in, but the temptation is divine.

Arushi Khosla said...

Haha, very cute concept.

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Hi Rad, you didn't offend me at all! You specifically said it was an unfortunate term and I just wanted to echo my agreement of how problematic it is, despite how unthinkingly people use it. I wish we could have met up! I had no idea you were around too.

Ady, the sales are so dangerous.

Arushi, thanks for reading!


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