July 17, 2010

The Return of Goldilocks and the Fit Dilemma

Sometimes semi-monogamous dressing gets me in trouble. My loyalty to a particular shape blinds my ability to evaluate which size to choose. This crepe See by Chloe dress has the exact lines and cut of the Trail Print dress I blogged earlier this week. And because the solid color version was unlined, I ordered a size up thinking it would be a good thing. Not so. This more generously cut dress makes me look lumpy and drab. Back to Yoox it goes!

Over on Shop JessPGH a cute button front skirt by Trovata is up along with a rundown of the items still available! Make me an offer!!


Tien said...

The first picture, I was thinking, hey, that looks pretty good, but the subsequent ones, well, the dress really is too big. The belt helps it fit better, but you can tell in the way the sleeves are rolled up it hangs too loose. Good call on the return. Too bad, too, since the color is so beautiful.

SunnyDay said...

Are you going to order the size down? Because that's a great dress.

Cat said...

I agree with Tien. Fit is so important. Every time I compromise on fit, I end up regretting it. Good call on the return. The dress is great. I couldn't see the wonderful collar detail until I clicked over to the product photo. It's a great dress indeed!

Becca said...

It does look to big. In other comments, your hair is looking gorgeous!!

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Tien, the belt does make a difference but without it and with how blousey the sleeves are, I am certain it is not right.

Desert Flower, I am not thrilled about the fabric and they're sold out of my size in the color I'd want. There will be other dresses though.

Thank you Cat. I am trying to remember that there is no reason to keep a lackluster item. I have enough things I love and not enough closet space.

Becca, you are too kind!


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