September 20, 2010

Recent Outfit Post: Curled Zinnias and Precious Metals

I was so excited when the Precious Metals cardigan went on a quick sale. The big bow was so fun but the price tag was too high at retail. I wore the above to my most recent dress fitting for the wedding. Precious Metals cardigan from Anthropologie; Leifsdottir dress via Gilt; Chie Mihara Lumi flats; Spanx tights; and my Larrimor's Burberry score.

My future mother-in-law came with me and got to see the dress in person for the first time. I was excited to show her the beautiful space and selection at Anne Gregory. And I was thrilled that she loved my dress as much as I do! Afterwards, we had cocktails at Mitchell's in the Galleria and stopped by Anthropologie. It was a very fun afternoon! I don't have a lot of time to update with the wedding fast approaching but I hope to do an entry this week that is wedding-focused.  And write a bit more than just a fast snapshot and outfit description. We'll see if I can find the spare time.

Regardless, thank you for bearing with me while I try to keep things active around here even though I lack the time to write more thoughtful and involved posts.


gee said...

your wedding is coming exciting!!!!!!!!!!
i can not wait to see your dress.
i really need to get my mother in law into Anthro..BUT she is the mother of 3 boys and i believe she would faint at the sight of the prices...hahaha.

Raquelita said...

I don't know how you have managed to do wedding planning, finish grad school, and start a tenure-track job! You are a wonder woman!

I know I've said this before, but I love this dress! If you ever tire of it, do send it my way! :)

None said...

You look totally great. I love that cardigan.

SLC said...

jesspgh - did you end up getting the dagmar on sale? i did but i'm not sure i want to keep it. just feel worried that the flowers are "too much"

triciathomas said...

I love that dress!!! Good luck wedding planning!

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Gee, thank you! I am excited to share my dress here! Can't believe how time is flying... The prices at anthro are high which is why we made a b-line for the sale section! haha

La Historiadora, oh man I WISH I was Dr. Jess Pgh. I am sadly not yet finished with the phd which means I am not technically done with grad school. But it does feel kind of masochistic to have all this stuff happening at once. Sleep feels truly indulgent and I probably shouldn't be allowing myself to do it at all in order to get everything done. :( Thanks for the compliment!! If I tired of it, I will let you have dibs.

Lady cardigan, thank you!

SLC, I didn't get it even on sale. I do love the print but now that it is getting colder, I am all about rust, orange, and auburn. That red is almost too true for me to be drawn to it this time of year... I will kick myself for skipping it come spring though. It is lovely!

tricia, thank you so much!

SLC said...

Hi jesspgh - that is a great idea about the benefit concert. I think I am going to return the dress too. Casualty of needing to buy a plane ticket instead, and desire for it just falling by the wayside having waited so long.

Anonymous said...

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