October 06, 2010

Slanted and Enchanted in Plaids

I've been listening to a lot of Pavement lately. I think it is partially the change in season. And it might also stem from nostalgia for when Chris and I were courting. I think any relationship milestone thrusts a person into a mindset of reflection and reverence for what came before. At any rate, I noticed the other day that I had on an unusual amount of various plaids. It could have certainly been less coordinated, but I was still surprised. This decision that occurred around 6:45 am was likely also influenced by the colder weather. Plaid makes me think of flannel. And flannel makes me think of being bundled and warm. So here I am wearing three plaids at once. I think it works.

Plaid 1: LA Made dress from Anthropologie fall 2009 (anyone know the name of this one? I forget it)
Plaid 2: Burberry scarf
Plaid 3: Burberry jacket (cuffs trimmed with plaid)

I also wore Hue tights, Chloé lock flats, and a Streets Ahead bow belt.


Tien said...

Plaid, check, tartan--these are all things that say fall and apple cider are here.

Anonymous said...

Funny you should mention Pavement. I've been listening to them a lot lately as well, though I know that's a result of me seeing them perform in NYC 2 weeks ago.

But it's great how music can take you back to a particular time and place in your past - for me, their albums take me back to college and it's been fun to revisit (minus the term papers and finals).

roxyturtle said...

It's the About Town Dress. :)

thatdamngreendress said...

Love plaid on plaid- these are all in the same colour range, so really just complement each other! and burberry to boot!

I love how the fashion mags exult over the return of plaid every autumn- as if they didn't rediscover it the year before, and the year before that...

Somehow, autumn plaids always make me think of the old seventeen magazines from when I was a kid- it was the eighties, and they were always mixing yellow check skirts with red plaid vests. delicious

joelle van dyne said...

i love the plaid mixture! plaid seems like one of those things where more is always better.


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