November 08, 2010

Anthro-less OOTD

When I look at my outfit posts over the last year, I see how heavily I came to rely on my Anthropologie pieces. Last November, I bought a bunch of dresses on sale right before my trip to Chicago. So that began the shift. Still, when I evaluate my cold weather wardrobe, I have more options from other stores/brands than I do from Anthropologie. Around this time last year, I came to really participate in the community Roxy created through her blog. There I learned all the tips and tricks for tracking down beloved pieces on sale. And I also came to probably grow influenced by the lovely outfits so many Anthropologie community bloggers published. The other factor was that my nearest Anthropologie store was not so near to me in the South Hills.

Now that there is a store in the city of Pittsburgh, I can stop in while I run errands, instead of making a specific destination voyage to the Galleria in Mt. Lebanon. I also find myself going less frequently to Saks Fifth Avenue. This might be because I still long for the caliber of discounts that decorated fall of 2008. It is hard to accept a mere 30% sale when 65% was a weekend norm in the local store, this time two Novembers ago.

When I evaluate my wardrobe for the upcoming seasons, I feel pretty satisfied. I don't have a lengthy fall wishlist at all. And when I look at outfit pictures, I am reminded about why. All of these specific pieces were purchases made during previous fall seasons. The ruffled Tibi coat was from last November. The Marc by Marc Jacobs paisley wool dress was from December 2009. The tights were from the Nordstrom half yearly sale. The Jimmy Choo flats were 70% off in fall 2008. My closet is stocked with things I still enjoy. And department store sales so far haven't enticed me. Since my material memories are so pronounced, I wonder if there will be any pieces I come to associate with fall 2010? Could it be that I will only remember those that I wore for wedding related activities? I guess that is possible. But only time will tell if sale goggles end up provoking me.


Amber Schmidt said...

You look absolutely lovely-- but you always do! :)

I'm glad that you're satisfied with your purchases-- you should be! :)

gee said...

you have the most beautiful dresses. <3
have a great week love.

ps. i didnt have time to post anything in your last post..but i LOVE that UO dress on you.
i really want it now.
i will have to wait for the codes again.

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Belated thank you's for the compliments, Amber and Gee!!


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