November 02, 2010

First/Last Date Night Outfit

Chris is off doing his dissertation field work/research for a bit. But before he left for South America we planned a lovely date to visit and enjoy the tasting menu with wine pairings at our favorite new restaurant, Salt of the Earth. It was our first Pittsburgh date since the wedding and our last date in the northern hemisphere. The tasting menu option is quite an experience. We were glad to sit with a view of the kitchen so we could watch the chef, Kevin Sousa run the kitchen and prepare our meal. The food and drinks were incredible and the atmosphere was romantic and fun. I wish we had taken photographs but we were so distracted by the scene that we didn't remember to do so.

If you live in the Pittsburgh area, I cannot recommend strongly enough that you visit this incredible restaurant. I have gone a few times now, with friends from out of town, and with friends from in town. Every visit had flawless service and delicious, exciting food and drinks. Their menu and preparations are unlike anything the Pittsburgh food scene has seen before. And the prices are incredibly reasonable for the quality and care they put into their food. Vegetarians also have an array of incredible, delicious options that are thoughtful and deliberate, rather than the typical veggie option afterthought most places offer. Don't skip the cocktails! I recommend the rye or the gin. They change their offerings regularly but the level of care and intellect that go into developing balanced and delicious drinks is consistent.

I wore a dress I thought I was going to forgo, even on sale: the Sugar and Cream teacup print dress. I almost let this one pass me by but after trying it on for a third time, I decided it would make a good date dress. I love the muted purple-ish gray color of the background and the ridiculous teacup motif.

BTW, HUGE sale day at Anthropologie! Check out the comprehensive list on Roxy's blog. Anyone grab anything yet? I think I got my hands on a Babergh Dress. When I returned to my local store to buy it, it was gone and sold out on the website. But with a 50% markdown it seemed worth a hunt.


gee said...

love that dress.
the husband got it for me for our 2 year anniversary.
you look beautiful.

Tien said...

Aww, I'm tiptoing around glass! I hope you are able to find your dress! I still remember how phenomenal it looked on you.

Dea said...

I went for the dress as well, it's just to lovely to pass up! I'm so intrigued about your husband's research in S.A. In what field, if I may ask?

Rebecca said...

O.M.G. I hope the Babergh finds you. You looked so elegantly HOT in it. :)

I picked up the Kirkless sweater jacket thing (sp?), the slanted plaid shirt (tho I'm not sure I will like), and the feather clasp belt (tho not on sale, sigh, I was worried it would sell out and I really want it). Also got a couple of the Maryam tanks with bottom ruffle. And did order the Slow and Steady turtle cardi but now it is showing up backordered on my order status. I may just cancel it b/c I tried on in the store today and am not sure I like it as much as I thought I would.

Pamela said...

I finally bought the Twinkle Twinkle dress! I hope you find your Babergh dress!!! It's such a pretty piece.

triciathomas said...

I love the sugar and cream dress on you!! Glad you did not pass it up!! Hope you were able to hunt down your dress!

SunnyDay said...

This dress is great on you. I love the bodice. Perfect date night dress! I hope you found Babergh. Your body looked fierce in that!

I think I have a higgledy piggledy skirt coming, after much debate. If I ever find the person who named I, I plan to flog them :)

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Gee, what a great gift! Your husband has great taste.

Tien, I did track one down! Thanks for the vote of confidence!

Dea, I can't wait to see it on you. I am sure it will be lovely! Chris studies international affairs and comparative politics. He focuses on Latin America and is currently studying redistributive policies in democracies with nationalized oil and gas industries.

Rebecca, that sweater coat is so gorgeous! Great buy! Sounds like you got a bunch of great pieces!

Pamela, ooh that is a pretty one! I never got to try it on myself.

Tricia, thanks so much! I did find it and feel so lucky to have tracked one down on sale!

Desert Flower, thank you! Chris liked it too! And he was thrilled to learn I tracked down the Babergh because as soon as he saw the photos, he was like, "yeah you need that one." Which is so funny and not at all something he says frequently.


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