December 21, 2010

Havanianas Ubiquity

I will probably soon bore this humble readership with tmi about Brazil but one thing that struck me immediately was the inescapability of Havaianas in Rio (and in/along the way to Buzios). They are everywhere. You can buy them everywhere. People wear them in nice restaurants and to the beach. While dining at Satyricon (where Chris unknowingly ordered the same thing Madonna had when she ate there) I saw people wearing them. While sweating from dancing to samba music in a crowded club, people were wearing them. On the subway. In the mall. At the gas station. They even gave us two pairs at one of our hotels alongside the fancy tiny soaps. Granted, this was the splurge hotel (for the last night of our honeymoon). But you get the point. They are everywhere. And they are fairly cheap here. Chris keeps mocking me for buying so many. When we see a stand, he's like "oh hey you probably could use a few more pairs."

I hope the TSA folks don't think I am trying to import the volume I bought (for personal hoarding purposes) toward some unsavory profit motive!  Anyway, I promise to update with outfits soon enough (and I promise to withhold my most prevalent Brazilian outfits comprised of bathing suits). In the mean time, Boa noite!


Miss B said...

I cannot wait to see the pics! I'm heading on cruise that way shortly and I have no idea what to wear (swimsuit included).

And a lady can never have enough shoes, Havanianas or not.

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SunnyDay said...

That is quite a display. I can't say that I've ever seen that many flip flops in one place!

Tippy said...

That is too funny! I felt the same way upon returning from Thailand since we had shopped so much. Hope you are having a wonderful time, looking forward to more photos! Have a wonderful holiday!! xo

Theressa Lauw said...

Can't wait to see the pics of Brazil. And make sure you take one pic with all your Havanianas lined up in a row. ;)

A said...

I love them and would buy a few pairs too! I can't wait to see all of yours! I buy at least one pair every summer. They are so cute!
Have tons of fun!


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