December 08, 2010

Shameless Plug: Vote for ME!!

(MBMJ dress and bag; photo from summer 2008)

Hi guys. I entered In Pursuit of Pretty Things' Netflix Contest, where Carol and Kathryn asked readers to submit a movie-inspired look. I remembered the subconscious influence that Troop Beverly Hills had on my decision to buy this Marc by Marc Jacobs dress a few years back and decided to submit. Although I'm trailing by a lot (the entries are really amazing and mine is unfortunately kind of interpretative rather than literal), I figured it couldn't hurt to get a boost.

Shelly Long's character in the staid Troop Leader uniform.

 Shelly Long in her custom redesign!

To vote (for me or one of the others):

Go here. Vote for number 7 (or whoever you like, of course). No sign-up or email required! Thank you in advance!!

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