January 11, 2011

Soft Structured Dress Review

I loved this Soft Structured dress on Louise/Princess Dave from Running on Anthro and although my figure doesn't reap the benefits of running, I looked forward to trying this body conscious number for myself. I grabbed a medium because the dress was quite stretchy. It was snug around my bust but fit great everywhere else. I would say this runs true to size. It seems a little lightweight for winterwear so although I adored the print in person and very much liked how it looked and how comfy it was, I will be waiting for a sale.

Speaking of sale, there's another one today that includes the Eva Franco skirt I just reviewed. Check out Roxy's roundup here.


Marianne said...

This dress is seriously one of the only things I like at Anthro right now. I think it would be so lovely for spring with a trench and some great shoes!

Kim said...

That dress is incredible on you Jess - so flattering! I hope you get it!

Rini said...

I think it looks great on you, the snug fit and the colors suit you. I also like its length. Very feminine.

roxyturtle said...

It looks beautiful on you Jess! I too was surprised by how much I liked the dress on and agree it feels too light for an Eastern winter. Oh well. Sale time will come soon enough.

zyzzyva said...

I love the look of this dress. While I do like the print, I wish it had a different base color, as I have quite a few navy/blue dresses already.

It looks so comfortable, but still flattering (you look amazing!). It'd be light for a West Coast winter as well, though. It's been in the 40s & low 50s here... (Not snow, I know, but still not knit dress weather!)

triciathomas said...

That dress is so pretty on you!!! I can't wait to try it on now too!

What Lou Wore 365 said...

Wow Jess that's so sweet of you to mention me, thanks! I agree with everyone else, it looks great on you. I did wear a spaghetti strap vest underneath for a little added modesty as the top is quite thin. It seems a lot of girls are holding out for sale and it's so universally flattering I hope as many of you grab it as possible!

Dea said...

I really like this dress on you, it's flattering. I recently tried it on as well and liked its softness but like you, think it's worth waiting for a sale.

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Marianne, same is true for me. My wishlist is currently pretty bare.

Kim, thanks so much! I will if it makes it to sale. :)

Kathrine, I too really like the length. and the feminine draping is so flattering to a range of body types (since I've seen a few bloggers reviewing it since I made the post). Thank you!

Roxy, I searched for your review cause I KNOW I saw it on you and thought "ooh that looks great on Roxy!!" but couldn't find it in my perusal of titles from your archives. I would have shouted out otherwise.

zyzzyva, That IS chilly for the west coast! I was in Miami in December and it was unseasonably cold there too. I have the opposite problem in that I have too many black dresses with prints. I would like more navy based ones. But I know what you mean!! Thanks for reading!

Tricia, I can't wait to see it on you! I have a feeling it is going to be incredible with your gorgeous hair color!

Louise, I adore the dress on you but knew that you had a killer figure so I feared it would be a bad scene on my less-than-killer-but-still-acceptable-figure. :) Thanks for the layering tip! That is a GOOD idea.

Dea, I just saw your review today and commented! It looks great on you too and I hope we can both snag it on sale! Thanks for reading!!


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