February 13, 2011

Return Chronicles: part 10000

This plaid Alice + Olivia dress was a great bargain at Saks in New York last month. But I've had it for almost a month, the return deadline is looming, and the tags remain attached. I think it should go back but took some photos and tried styling it to make sure I didn't want it. What do you think?

Oversized collar makes it visually interesting
Plaid (especially in gray and black) is something I find to be timeless
Shirtdresses are definitely timeless

The hem is shorter in the front and my gams are not the greatest
That big collar I like isn't the most flattering on my figure


M. said...

If you return it, what would you put the $$$ towards instead? That's always the biggest factor for me.

Laura Martin said...

I love it. I think you just need to brighten it up with some Red or Yellow accessories.

Cynthia said...

It's adorable. Keep it! Wear it! And as Laura said, maybe add a little color.

erin said...

i vote return :/ sorry! it's really not doing anything for me.


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