March 29, 2011

Back from Chicago

My conference presentation went really well and I feel super motivated to expand my "fighting diamonds" paper into an article-length manuscript. I've been working on it since I returned on Saturday. On Thursday night after doing conference things, I partook in the free evening at the Art Institute of Chicago Museum. Their collection, particularly of modern art is really fantastic. While there, Chris snapped this photo of me with a Frank Stella. He thought it would be fitting since my home OOTD photos are often taken with my tripod in front of our Frank Stella poster.

My patchwork dress (which I've been wearing like crazy since it became cold again) fit right in! You can see the short sleeved version here.


Kristin said...

I love the dress and the art! Very cool OOTD pic:) I'm glad your presentation went well.

Midory said...

Motivation is key to everything and thats awesome that you had such a great experience at your conference at the windy city!!

Featherfactor said...

Beautiful dress....and thank you for sharing the link, I love patchwork patterns :)


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