March 16, 2011

Customer Service Rave: Rogan NYC

Plaid shirt by Acne
Stitch's jeans
Bonus Speck Dog

I bought Chris the above heather-brown, linen-alpaca, henley sweater from Barneys when we were visiting New York in January. Although he picked it out, it was a birthday gift! So I held onto it for a few weeks. After his birthday, when he finally wore it, he noticed that a hole was developing where the garment tag attached to the knit. Knowing that Barneys would offer a return brought little comfort, as Chris REALLY wanted this sweater. But by now Barneys had cleared out any leftover discounted stock for the Warehouse Sale. So I contacted Rogan NYC with relatively low expectations. After all, I hadn't purchased the sweater 1. at full price or 2. directly from Rogan. Much to my surprise, Vivienne of customer relations responded to my email immediately, saying that she would have a replacement shipped to us if we sent the defective one to the warehouse for evaluation. The replacement sweater arrived today, making Chris a very happy (belated) birthday boy and both of us BIG fans of Rogan.

I have long admired Rogan's draped cardigans and chic separates. They've demonstrated their commitments to environmental and social justice many times over. I have a deep respect for ethical companies. And it is just great to learn that some brands absolutely stand behind their products! Thank you, Vivienne and Rogan NYC!


Carol said...

Wow, that's awesome! Nicely done, Rogan NYC! I love ethical companies too. ^_^

Thirteenlbs said...

So adorable! Your hubs and your pup coordinate :)

A Stylized Hysteria said...

Speck! While the sweater is gorgeous, speck steals the show!


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