March 07, 2011

Dear Creatures Fit Reviews

When I was in San Francisco I visited a boutique that carried a lot of clothing from Dear Creatures. This brand is one often carried by 80s Purple, Need Supply, Modcloth, and occasionally Anthropologie. I have always admired their simple, twee designs but never made the leap to purchase. I was glad to have the chance to see some of the pieces in person.

The scallop trim of this little shirt dress really made an otherwise boxy, boring frock something special. I am wearing a size medium but wish I had grabbed a size large for length. I didn't care for the way it draped when the waist was tied. But it needed to be belted in some way or else I just looked like a giant (albeit fashionable) toddler.

This plaid dress with bow collar was a bit too retro for my taste, and the fit was odd (wearing size large). Too short in length but too boxy up top. I often have this issue with body conscious dresses sized by letter rather than a more precise number.

I knew from the hanger that this dress teetered dangerously close to "Juniper Creek sister wife extra from Big Love" territory. But flatter-be-damned, I like drop waists, soft prints, and peter pan collars. This one (size large) had all three. And it was on second markdown. Still, I passed because the fit was ... odd. Unflattering-bad instead of what I consider to be unflattering-good.

The Dear Creatures price points seem reasonable, particularly when on sale. The quality is decent. My main issue was finding a good fit. Small/Medium/Large sizing for sac shaped dresses usually works fine when the fabrics have more give or movement.  The stiffer canvases and cottons of Dear Creatures didn't permit a lot of fudging in the size/fit department. If I lived in a place with a warmer climate and/or if I had longer, more lithe legs, I would probably own a few of their cute frocks. I passed on these because they weren't a good fit for my curvier frame.


Kristin said...

Thanks for the reviews! I really like the top one (the shirt dress). The scallop trip is super cute.

christine said...

A second thanks for reviews! I'm curious, what SF shop was this? And how much was that white dress marked down to? I've been quite curious about that dress but was also hesitant to pull the trigger.

Sarah said...

i had been wondering about the fit of these things for ages.. thanks jess! that helps me a LOT, actually.


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