March 03, 2011

Picking up the Pup in a Pixelated Dress

Nanette Lepore Stella Dallas dress
Charter Club cardi
Aquatalia boots

I wore this to campus and to my parents' house for dinner. I went straight from work to pick up Speck and visit them. They were kind enough to watch the little pup while I was away. She loves running around their yard and playing with their dogs. And she has her own little "country home" routine. My dad likes to make anthropomorphic jokes about how Speck is a sophisticated city dog and how his dogs are eager little bumpkins. It's especially funny because Pittsburgh (as much as I love it) is basically an overgrown town. Because I grew up around here I don't really see any of it as bumpkinville but I do realize that many consider anything that isn't coastal to be "flyover country." At any rate, my parents' love for my pup makes my heart swell. And I am lucky to be near enough to them to have their help.

Chris and I missed Speck so much. When we're apart our coping mechanism is to talk a lot about how she would like various aspects of wherever we are. This time it was San Fransisco, Oakland, and Napa. All of them seemed to be very dog-friendly places. The reality is that Speck is happy wherever and whenever the pack is unified. So she'd be happy just about everywhere. When we returned she had a new toy from me: an "egg baby" platypus toy I ordered from KyJen. The eggs have squeaks in them so that the dogs don't rip apart the plush part. We'll see if it lasts.
She's still learning that the eggs are the squeakers but I think this will be a wise toy investment since we can replace them if they rip from play.


Raquelita said...

She is indeed a cutie! M. and I often spend time talking about Bailey when we're gone too.

tastymoog said...

aww, Speck is a cutie. We imagine similar scenarios with our cats when we travel. I wish we could bring them with us, though they are such creatures of habit and would probably hate their daily routine being disrupted (and also despise being crated up, since it usually means a trip to the vet).

I'm an east coaster and personally love Pittsburgh (though I do wish it weren't so isolated, regionally).


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