April 27, 2011

Springy celebratory ootd

Marc by Marc Jacobs floating lotus dress
Gap cardi
Chloé flats

I wore this to have my bday celebration with my parents and siblings. It was fun. It was also a few weeks ago at this point! I am behind.

When I was little my mom took a cake decorating class. And throughout my childhood I always had the most elaborate, professional-looking, home made cakes. The entire house would smell of vanilla and I would get my own little piping bag with icing to try to create the roses and designs she made with such ease. I never got the hang of it. And I probably should ask her if she could teach me. She has the steadiest teacher hand. Relatedly, she also has the best penmanship of anyone I've ever known. I, on the other hand, get the shakes under pressure and my left hand could never craft the perfect cursive and printed letters of a schoolteacher. Now that I'm grown I feel funny asking my mom to put in the intense amount of labor required to make me a cake. Instead I did request that she visit my favorite hometown bakery (the Mon Valley based Keystone Bakery which I prefer to the much more beloved South Hills favorite, Bethel Bakery) to buy a cake. It was as delicious as I remember!


Kristin said...

I love birthday cake! I have actually purchased birthday cake before just to eat as a special treat (not for a birthday). Beautiful flowers too!

Carly - strawberryheelsforever said...

You look great in this adorable dress!! I've missed reading your blog, but I'm finally back now and can catch up on all of your entries :) My grandma used to make my birthday cakes for me, and one year she made 3 of them for a big birthday bash I was having; each cake was one of my favourite Strawberry Shortcake characters. It was the best birthday of my childhood :)

S Kelly said...

jess - im just wondering why you wear dark hose in all your pictures??

Dana said...

I love this dress! I've never had Keystone Bakery. I am one of those that has always loved Bethel Bakery but here in Washington we have Krency's and I've always loved them the most. They made my wedding cake. Their cakes are not as pretty as Bethel's but they taste magnificent.

A Stylized Hysteria said...

You look very springy indeed! And that cake looks nomlicious!


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