July 25, 2011

One trick pony

Juicy Couture dress from Gabriel Brothers (years ago)
Delman wedges
Anthro blouse and belt

I keep expecting the heat to break and I keep finding things that look nice with the back porch blouse so I am indeed a one trick pony lately. When I'm not wearing cover-ups, cotton skirts, or my favorite Old Navy shorts with a tank top, I'm wearing some version of the above.


S said...

love that lace blouse on you!!  it adds something special to your outfit!

Meghan W said...

The back porch blouse looks amazing on you.  I adore every single outfit you have posted with it!

Jenn said...

Love the Back Porch Blouse belted over the dress!!

Kristin said...

Great outfit!  The color of that dress looks great peeking through the back porch blouse.


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