October 24, 2011

Empire State of Outfit

Manoush dress
Spanx tights
MBMJ shoes
various necklaces and bracelets

I wore this old favorite the other day when it was slightly less brisk. The dress is by Manoush and I bought it on sale a few years back. It's hard to justify spending the extra minutes steaming a dress in the morning when you know you are going to get it all wrinkled again on your commute. But I did it anyway because I had the time to spare. Of course by the time I was able to snap some photos I was a wrinkled mess. These blurry photos are so bad. I apologize for them yet again. I need to figure out what is up with the settings on my camera that things are looking so wonky all the time.  It seems to get worse whenever I wear my glasses. Anyway, you can see how I wore this dress in the past by going here.


S said...

love this dress on you!  i can sympathize about wrinkles b/c i have on a pencil skirt today that will be a mess by the time i get home to take an outfit picture :)  the perils of fashion blogging! lol

respect_the_shoes said...

I really like the dress but I am loving the tights and mary janes combo!

thatdamngreendress said...

heh...I always find my favourite outfits are the ones that I feel most rumpled and disreputable when I get home so I don't end up documenting 'em! Rats.  But this doesn't look so very rumpled.  I love the shoulder detail- well, I always love 'serious' colours with fun designs- ruffles and such!

It's that time of year, when tights and cute shoes just look so...cute!  ask me again in six months how I feel about tights but...

April and Maya said...

This is a seriously cute dress.  Very flattering.  I like the tights and shoes you paired it with, too.  


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