November 03, 2011

Another quick pants outfit

To a Tee Blazer
Zebra top from Anthro (similar here)
Kate Spade Bon Shopper tote (loving this matchbook print version)

I wore this for errands and to stop in Anthro the other week. I am so behind on posts and outfits and life! I might just do an omnibus entry with some recent hits. Though first I need to have the breathing room to compose such an entry... I also apologize for my absenteeism among my fellow bloggers. My reader is stocked full of your recent posts and I am looking forward to when I can comb through everything.


Megan (Best of Fates) said...

Ooh, I just love the purse -it's adorable!

shannonhearts said...

I love how you put this outfit together.  Effortless, but so chic.  Well done.  :)


Thirteenlbs said...

I always thought that top was so cute...but alas, I missed it. Love the bag.


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