November 27, 2011

Outfit miss

LA Made dress from Anthro
Anthro belt
Misc jewelry
Chie Mihara Lumi flats

Lately I find myself enthused about whatever I wore in the morning and loathing it by the time I see the photos. This is one example though there are many of them that remain un-shared, living in flickr limbo. Part of the problem is that things are busy. Holiday busy. Conference busy. Post-conference busy. Committee busy. Revision busy. Paper grading busy. Blargh. Maybe there will be more time to post my misses this week? I say that with genuine enthusiasm.

Regardless, tomorrow I am going to announce a great giveaway in celebration of Cyber Monday so be sure to check back for it!


Kelly said...

Honestly, I think you look cute in this photo.  The outfit kind of has a 90s flare w/o being over the top.

Also wanted to add that I enjoyed reading your post yesterday about taking time out to be truly grateful for the privileges we do have, especially at a time when so many people are struggling. 

red_head4242 said...

I think your outfit is really cute.  But I go through the same things on some days. Quite honestly, it's why I really try and do my pics in the morning because after 10 hours at work, I'm feeling less than stellar by the time I drag my sorry self in through the front door.  

BTW, I just love your hair. :-)

whatjesslikes said...

I think you have a great outfit on, but I do understand what you mean. After a day of wear, things definitely do tend to wrinkle, migrate, stretch, etc. It can totally change how we feel in what we wear.

Cynthia said...

I have to say, if this is a miss, then what's a hit?  You look great, although I know that tired feeling at the end of the day can affect how you see things.  I like this outfit.

sarah said...

Such an adorable look!

SouthWest said...

You look great!  Cute dress.  But I understand outfit ennui ... for me it's seeing myself reflected in windows -- I suddenly get a whole new perspective on the look.  But I am writing because I am thinking of buying these shoes online (the Chie Mihara Lumi flats) and want to be sure of their fit.  Are you able to tell me if they are narrow or tight for there listed size?


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