December 13, 2011

Feathered Village Skirt Review

Because it is now on sale, I figure it is about time I share my review of the Feathered Village Skirt from Anthropologie. I was drawn to the richness of the printed fabric and the unique length. I loved the sketched houses and the birds that decorated the design. So I grabbed a size 8 and headed to the dressing room. The skirt fit fine but something about the pleating and the length did not flatter. It wouldn't be easily altered for length because of the print placement. And the price (even on sale) was steep. I am passing on this one but know that it fit true to size and was fully lined. I imagine the price point was considered justifiable to some because of the quality fabric and the special print. It is one of those archetypically Anthro pieces, in terms of quirkiness, that keep me coming back to the store. Lately, I haven't found many must-have Anthropologie items that combine uniqueness, quality, and fit.  But designs like these encourage my interest so I continue to browse. And if the shape of the skirt was different I might feel more inclined to make room for it in my budget.

There were many markdowns today, all of which will be reduced an additional 30% thanks to the current promotion running both online and in-store. Browse the complete list of new sale items at Effortless Anthropologie.


snowymt 55 said...

thanks for the review on the skirt--it's intriguing but I hate hemming!!

GenkiOriana said...

There's no Anthropologie in the southern Maine area so when I saw one while traveling I had no idea what they sold. It's a neat shop to see and I hope we get one someday: I don't know what I would buy, but I like how different the products are/the kind of out of the ordinary nature of the store. 


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