February 29, 2012

Profesh Professor

DVF Bilboa
J Crew silk top
Spanx tights
Rosegold booties
Redraven necklace
Kors watch and misc. bracelets

Lately, I've needed outfits that can transition from day to night, from the classroom to the colloquium, and from office hours to on campus interviews. I've been really excited about serving on a search committee this term. The process is incredibly educational but one silly downside is that I am exhausting all my professional outfits at once. More so than ever before I find myself needing ensembles that still "look like me" but also make sense across many professional scenarios. This is a pretty plain outfit but I made the slightly-too-deep-to-be-acceptable cowl of the dress manageable with a ruffly camisole.

I am starting to wonder if I should finally buy a pantsuit?


Terri said...

You look great in this outfit.  I know when I sit on hiring committees I tend to dress very professionally, but not all the members of the committee do.  And I often wonder what impression that may leave on our candidates.

carol_prettythings said...

I'm totally a fan of mixable separates, regarding pantsuits. I love unique blazers/jackets paired with simple slacks, or vice versa, where one picks up on the colors of the other, if that makes sense. I find it much more interesting, style-wise, and also allows for a little more versatility in terms of how you can remix items.

That being said, there's nothing easier than throwing on a more traditional pantsuit with a crisp button-down underneath. Ask any man. ;)

M. said...

re: pantsuit: no!

respect_the_shoes said...

I only have two pant suits, but like Carol, I usually don't wear them together. I usually prefer different textures as well, to break the "suitness" up even more. That way I feel like I could still look professional but still have some personality.

Raquelita said...

If I fit into pants a bit better I'd have more than one pantsuit. I have to say that I really like wearing trousers and a blazer. 


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