August 03, 2012

Non-maternity clothes that can work as Maternity

Anthropologie, Merona, Gap, Old Navy, Mossimo

Although my tastes haven't changed and I covet deeply a few of the new Anthro dress releases (like the Cullin, the Open Air Theater, and the Bubbled Bands), the way I actually shop has had to change out of necessity. Especially if I want to be able to wear something now and later. I bought the Slanted Layers top on sale in a size up which has proved to be very forgiving and stretchy.  And I keep my eyes peeled for other stretchy non-maternity maternity options. The above are some pieces I am considering. Many are on sale because the light jersey fabric is more "summer" than "fall." But if the colors are jewel-toned and rich enough, I think I'll be able to still style for fall when my belly becomes impossibly big.

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