December 19, 2014

Take my daughter to work OOTD

My commute is long somewhat, so I typically do not bring friends or family to campus unless there are special events occurring (that extend invitations to families of faculty members). Unfortunately when I left campus to begin my Thanksgiving break, I forgot something. I needed my camcorder (sometimes used as back up to record student presentations) for Emilia's birthday party so I knew I had to go back.

I figured Emilia and I could make a day of it. She hadn't been to campus since the summer after she was born. And she could play in my office while I took care of some paperwork that I had been procrastinating. She and I had fun! She found and played with everything remotely toy-like and drew all over my file folders. I took care of some business and retrieved my camcorder. We stopped on the way home to have lunch and pick out some holiday decorations. So although I was annoyed with myself for forgetting something I needed during break, and felt badly to put her in the car for the hour there and hour back, we had a nice morning.  And the bonus is that my file folders now make me smile.

You can see her in the bottom right corner, sitting on the floor "organizing" some ice-breaker cards.

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