January 07, 2009

Shopping My Closet and Saving My Budget

Since it is a new year, I heartily enjoyed the epic sales of Fall 2008, I have taken it easy since mid-December when I wrapped up my xmas gift shopping. I've only bought 2 plane tickets to NYC (for a mid-February conference my fiancé, Chris is attending), food, and materials for my bathroom which Chris is remodeling himself.

He's further along than this now but it was already taking shape here.

I'm not feeling especially consumed by anything specific, online or in stores. My estalking habits have decreased for the moment. And my desire in general to shop is low.

This usually happens after the holidays, but the feeling is significantly more pronounced this year. After all, the overindulgences typical of the holiday season must be tempered by a staid January. My typical post-holiday consumption dry spell was reinforced by the news coverage of the recession, layoffs, etc., and my enormous winter weather gas bill. After tallying the costs of the renovations I was offered more than sufficient reasons to shop my closet and be thankful.

Some recent outfits comprised mostly of 2008 finds.

That said, I am anticipating anxiously the launch of Net-a-Porter's outlet site, called Outnet. I don't know when it will occur but I am interested in seeing if a few items from their notoriously lame sales end up dropping further in the outlet context. In the meanwhile, I'll continue to shop my closet.

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Anonymous said...

i think outnet is launching this march? could be dangerous...start saving up money now!! i'm taking a spending break now too, i don't need anything - in fact, i need to get rid of more things! good luck on the renovations :)


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