April 03, 2017

eRase Epilator by Emjoi

This is a long overdue review of an epilator called the eRase e60 from Emjoi. I was sent this product thanks to my previous reviews of Emjoi's Micro-pedi and Micro-nail Buffer products. I had never tried an epilator before this one so my basis for comparison is shaving with a razor. The epilator which uses 60 tweezer disks to pull out hair definitely gives a smooth and impressive finish to hair removal but entails a bit more discomfort. The discomfort is brief but noticeable for someone like me who is not used to waxing or tweezing on the area of the body that I tested (legs below the knee). The epilator works to pull out hair from the root which ensures it lasts a good bit longer than shaving with a razor so that is great.

This product is very attractive looking with a vibrant floral print. It comes with a cap for the tweezer disks, a brush to clear out tweezed hairs, a power cord, and a nice carrying pouch to hold all of the above for travel. It works very well and I recommend using it in advance of a beach trip which will ensure less razor shaving time is spent on vacation. Thank you Emjoi for the opportunity to try the product!

March 21, 2017


December 2016 (Christmas Eve in Boden)

I miss blogging so here are some photos from the last few months where you can kinda see my outfits!

July 2016 (Rosie's newborn photos; also in Boden)

November 2016 (on vacation in St. Barths, wearing a Liberty print dress)

September 2016 (when we sold our house; wearing LOFT)

December 2016 (at Disney on Ice, wearing Old Navy)

March 2017 (on spring break with my sister at Disney World, wearing Old Navy)

I'm with or holding children in almost all the photos. So it's a fairly accurate depiction of my day to day life outside of work. I need to get back into the habit of taking outfit photos at work, especially now that daylight lasts a bit longer. I've got a bunch of new pieces that fit my still-transitioning but fairly settled postpartum body and I'm excited to share. I have no clue how regularly I will update but I'd like to start trying. Thanks for reading!

October 24, 2016

Welcome Rosemarie Jeanette!

I don't know if anyone ever checks here or not but... Hey, I had a baby and I went up for tenure and we bought a fixer upper and Emilia started school and we sold our house and we moved and and and...

It's been a lot but it's all good things. I'm posting sometimes on Instagram (@jesspgh). My outfits are rarely clean right now so they hardly seem worthy of documentation. I am also on maternity leave and undecided on a good spot in the new house to take photos. I will be back when I have breathing room. Thanks so much to anyone who might be still checking in here! I hope you are well.


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