September 19, 2014

Put a Bird on It OOTD and Boden Easy Scoop Tunic Review

I have written in the past about my love for themed dressing. I did it as the child of a public school teacher. I did it as a student. And I continue to do it as a junior professor. Now with my work for Covey, I have another reason with an easy theme.

The name Covey takes inspiration from bird life. A covey is a small grouping of birds (or people). I always appreciate a clever print and now I am drawn to all things bird-printed! When I saw the lovely bird print of Boden's Easy Scoop tunic, I had to have it. I knew I wanted to wear it as a tunic and a dress. After reading through reviews I determined that a size 10R would be best for me. Reviewers said this tunic runs small in the bust and I agree with them. The 10R was the right fit and length for me. I paired it with some Spanx leggings (also happy to review these if anyone is curious about quality and sizing... I got mine at Nordstrom Rack on sale) to wear to the first session of Music Together class for the fall semester.

Emilia and I actually both wore bird prints from Boden which was unplanned but fun to match. We got many compliments for it!

Outfit details:
Boden Easy Scoop Tunic
Spanx leggings
Tangerine Tieks (review to come!)

September 15, 2014

Boden Must Have Tunic review

I was smitten with many of the prints offered by Boden in their fall catalog. I seem to always covet one of everything from Mini Boden but lately I've been pulled to buy for myself as well. It can feel risky to order from Boden because I'm far less familiar with their pieces than I am my other brand standbys. And with no brick and mortar options (unless you count the Boden sample sales), I'm loathe to risk the ship fees. Thankfully, they often offer free shipping and free returns with coupon codes so I reserve any buying for then. I also bought a few gift vouchers via Rue La La and Plum District, enabling stackable discount savings (since the vouchers are often good deals in their own right).

With a few vouchers burning a hole in my pocket, I ordered the above "Must Have" tunic in the deer print (for some reason the product page is missing today or else I would link). Yes it is twee, but I figured it would be a cute option to wear to Music Together class with Emilia or for general errand running. I hoped it would be long enough in length to potentially wear as a dress but it was too far above my knees for my comfort zone.

The color was saturated nicely and the print was as cute as it promised in photos. But the fabric was pretty lightweight. Too lightweight for the kind of coverage I prefer and to guard against chilly fall weather. I am wearing a size 10R which is a good fit overall and true to size. The extensive reviews on the site helped me make an informed decision on which size. Generally, I find many Boden pieces to run large but this one didn't.

With a $98 retail price this is just too spendy for me (even after coupon codes and vouchers). If it was lined in the skirt or torso I would probably feel differently. But I'm sending it back and planning to use the gift credit on something that is work-friendly or for more Mini Boden.

September 10, 2014

A deal on my favorite tights!

A outfit from 2010 with my beloved heather bittersweet tights

This weekend I took a quick "tights inventory" to see what needed to be tossed, what would be wearable for another year, what I've misplaced, etc. Afterwards I ran a search to see where I could find the best prices on some replacements for the castoffs. And I noticed that Spanx, who make my most favorite tights (due to their lack of shiny appearance and overall durability) is having a decent sale!*

I was thrilled especially to see my most favorite styles have been resurrected after a few years of falling off the map. I used to love my heather gray and heather bittersweet Spanx tights. I wore them constantly until they were basically threadbare. And I was super sad I couldn't replace them. I'd scour every TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Nordstrom Rack I'd visit in the hopes to find a secret stash of them to no avail. I like the heather finish because it seems to match everything and give me an option that looks a bit less severe than straight up black (which I also wear a lot during tights season).

*Sale tip: The sale prices can be found on both their website and their "official" ebay store. Stock overlaps a bit but isn't exactly the same so it's worth visiting both places if you are seeking specific color/size combos or styles.

I'll be drawing winners of the eShakti giveaway today or tomorrow. I'm sorry for the delay! This week is a bit nuts, schedule-wise. Today I have a long day of meetings then back-to-back teaching. I leave early and won't be home until pretty late.  I'm also busy prepping for a startup obligation. Tomorrow I will be representing Covey as part of a Next Pittsburgh panel and event showcasing "What's Next in Tech." If you are in Pittsburgh you should come check it out!


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