January 22, 2015

Blogging the Terrific 2's and work life balance at Covey

Today on the Covey blog, I am talking about work and motherhood as well as some of my favorite aspects of Emilia's "terrific" twos! Check it out!! 

January 21, 2015

Boden's London-themed prints

When I was little, my favorite movies included Mary Poppins and Alice in Wonderland so recently I introduced Emilia to them. She was mesmerized and so we now spend a lot of time singing the songs and talking about the themes even when we aren't re-watching them. When we listen to the records (which I have on vinyl thanks to my own record collecting and nostalgia) she tells me she wants to go to London. I do too! Maybe some day? Because I love a theme, I've been excited about Boden's London-themed "Westminster" and toy soldier prints. Because they were released last fall, they are now on clearance! Sadly, the extra 20% off clearance promotion from last weekend has ended but hopefully they will run it again.

From digging further I discovered that the Westminster print has been offered by Boden in many seasons prior. I've been trying to track down the Easy Scoop Tunic in the Westminster print since I learned of its existence. In the meanwhile I did buy the Millie Skirt and Classic Shirt in the alternately named but similarly themed "City" and "London" prints. Initially I had hoped to Frankenstein together a shirt dress which sadly resulted in the above still-obvious separates. A previous catalog showed them together and it actually looked like a dress. But I don't have the ability to produce catalog-caliber styling so the tailoring just looks off. They will have to function separately as separates for me.

I also covet the Rainy Day Mac in this print but am going to hold out hope that maybe I'll score one at the next Boden Sample Sale (presumably in May, if they stick with their usual timing). If you are curious about sizing on these  Boden pieces, I am wearing an 8R in the skirt (which runs big) and a 10R in the shirt (which runs a bit small at the bust and hips). 

One of my other "city" printed garments, a Kate Spade Lilith "City Lights" skirt has always felt a bit too formal to wear on a regular day. I like that these Boden are a bit more casual. But I still need to figure out a plan for wearing the separates separately. Hopefully I will come up with something soon!

January 14, 2015

Banet Dress Review and Tiled Amethyst Dress Review

I was drawn immediately to the classic, work-friendly shirt shape of the Banet Dress. It is by Maeve and sized in letters. The bodice is ruched and the hips are relatively free so the fit is very forgiving. I tried both a large and a medium and each worked but the buttons seemed more likely to gap on the medium. I'm wearing the large in the photo. The shoulders felt a little big in the large. I like both the colorways available and only wish this one was included in the tag sale (especially now that you can get an additional 40% off with code EXTRAEXTRA).

I also tried the Tiled Amethyst dress which is included in the sale) and found it to run a lot larger even though the dresses seem identical otherwise. I love prints and dresses in this shape, but I am still going to pass on the Tiled Amethyst version. I am not crazy about this particular print and the way it is placed on the dress. It's just as well because the size I need is sold out. Are you getting anything from the extra 40% off tag sale?

There are so many good sales at the moment. J. Crew Factory is offering free shipping and an extra 40% off sale items and 30% off regular items with code HELLO. I love the Intarsia Fox sweater, available for both women and girls (matchy match potential!). And for the little ones, Tea Collection is giving an extra 40% off their sale items with coupon code, EXTRA40. Happy Shopping!


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