August 21, 2015

What I wear to the gym

I have been in a fitness slump for a very long time but I'm trying to turn it around at my own pace. Before I had Emilia, I used to belong to a gym and went with regularity until my third trimester of pregnancy. At that point, something called pelvic girdle pain made it too uncomfortable to continue using the equipment I liked. After she was born, I let my membership lapse because I didn't prioritize it. I had less "free" time than ever before and I needed every spare minute to finish my PhD. But even after I finished (two years ago!) I didn't go back.

Since then my kid has grown, becoming more and more active herself. While trying to keep up with her, I've noticed the loss in my own level of fitness. So I am trying to make a few small changes. We signed up for mommy and me swimming classes and we joined the Thelma Lovette YMCA, where they are held. We also have planned outdoorsy weekend trips to Ohiopyle and Erie where we hike and ride bikes. I was very out of practice with cycling but I am getting better. I also upgraded to a lighter bike that Chris found on Craigslist. We put Emilia in her Ibert Safe-T Seat so we can all enjoy bike riding together.

It feels good to use my body in this way again. And although I'm far from "fit," I'm enjoying these activities and trying to work my way back into a regular exercise routine to boost my stamina. I've been helped by my (mostly new) workout staples.

I use an old Longchamp as a gym bag where I keep a hand towel, my wallet, water bottle, headphones, phone, keys, etc. I used a Zappos gift card from a few Christmases ago to buy my new sneakers. And because I know there are few things that motivate me more than a new outfit, I scored some cropped leggings from the Lululemon warehouse sale as well as a few supportive sports bras from Old Navy.

The TKO Soft Grip Jump Rope was sent to me to try and I really like it. On days when I can't get over to the gym during child watch hours, I use it in the back yard or basement while Emilia naps. It's easy to get a pretty decent workout by just jumping rope! It burns about the same amount of calories as my elliptical routine. These specific jump ropes were designed by boxing training equipment folks so I feel a little like Rocky using it. You can buy the jump ropes at Macys.

With these items, I feel better equipped to tackle my fitness goals and be active with my family.

August 17, 2015

What we wore to see Cinderella on the stage

On Saturday, we went to see the Rodgers and Hammerstein production of Cinderella. It was touring through Pittsburgh and my mother-in-law, Jill thought it would be fun. Emilia is technically younger than the minimum age permitted for this theater but she's been to other stage productions and always behaves excellently. We decided to risk it (she's just a few months away from their requirement) and it was a great success.

She was mesmerized throughout the play, as she usually is in these situations. And we were both enthralled with the songs and costumes. My favorite scenes were the dress transformations! They happened right on stage with no clouds of smoke or trick mirrors to be found. I'd love to get a closer look at those specific pieces! Jill kindly treated Emilia to one of the "topsy turvy" dolls being sold at the merchandise stand. It features Cinderella in her working clothes on one side and Cinderella in her ball gown on the other. So cool!

Before the play, we all went to the Gandy Dancer (the bar at the Grand Concourse) for dinner. There were two weddings happening in the main restaurant so it was fun to catch glimpses of the bride. My mother-in-law snapped this family photo after dinner. It was fun to get dressed up together. We saw lots of other girls in princess frocks and tiaras so Emilia fit right in.

Monserrat dress from Anthropologie
J.Crew Factory Clare Cardigan
Cole Haan wedges

Chris is wearing a Rag and Bone blazer. Emilia is wearing her Disney Parks Cinderella dress and glass slippers from Target.

August 15, 2015

Closet Sale on Shop Jesspgh with Price Reductions!

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