October 16, 2014

Poorly timed OOTD

My outfit photo timing has been off lately. I wind up either missing (the ever decreasing) daylight hours entirely or being met with uncooperative rainy weather. I've been such a scatterbrain lately and also misplaced my camera for a week. During this time I took pics but with a timer app on my iPhone. This means that already cruddy indoor pics turned out even blurrier! But I am not sure that I will repeat this outfit during this semester so I may as well document it using what I have.

Jeweler's Choice Cardigan from Anthropologie (old but new to me via ebay)
Burberry Brit dress layered underneath
Gucci wedges

October 14, 2014

Tired OOTD

I look so tired in this picture. My on campus days have been so harried lately that it's a miracle I ever remember to take a photo. And to indulge a retake or two is just not realistic. Besides, this is an accurate representation of how I looked because I was so tired. Between conference prep, my usual work responsibilities, Covey, parenting, and life I am so tired. But I still enjoy sharing my diary of outfits so you get to see this photo of my tired face and well-worn (aka tired, recycled, remixed, old but loved, etc.) dress.

To my fellow academics: Isn't October supposed to be easier than September?? I'm getting crushed for some reason.

Kate Spade Violetta Dress (old)
Spanx tights
Gucci wedges
Anthropologie belt
Vintage bracelet, Kors watch, Yurman necklace

September 26, 2014

One Burberry dress, (barely) two ways OOTD

I wore this Burberry Brit dress to an outdoor wedding (below) and then the following week I wore it to campus (above). It felt a little fancy to wear on a regular teaching day but I was running late and needed to just pick something and go.  This worked.

I didn't change much about how I wore it on either occasion, save for the shoes and the necklace. I suppose I could stand to get more creative and maybe I will with time. This dress is still new and novel so when I reach for it, it alone feels like "enough."

My broad love for dresses stems from their ease of use. Put on a dress and boom, you have an outfit. Maybe that outfit won't move mountains but I'm not trying to move mountains with my outfits. I just want to be able to get my work done and feel confident doing so.

Outfit details:
Burberry Brit dress
Spanx tights
Gucci wedges (above; in red or black); Nine West pumps (below)


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