March 20, 2011

D'armee Review and a sneak peek of most recent research project

The name alone drew me to this D'armee dress from Anthropologie. Since my dissertation focuses on the history of military recruitment via mass media, I have internalized the aesthetic values of all sorts of military-inspired pieces. Olive (aka army) green is one of my favorite neutrals. And although my local store didn't have the the khaki iteration of this dress, I was glad to figure out which size I needed so that I could include it in my "birthday wants" wishlist. The fit was true to size and I am wearing an 8 above. It is lightweight enough that it will transition easily to spring. The fabrication seems unworthy of the retail price. But now that it is on sale, it is reasonable. In other news, I am working on my conference presentation for Cultural Studies 2011 in Chicago.

(image I took of an archival ad from the NMAH)

I am excited to be writing about the bizarre, somewhat misguided patriotism of the diamond industry during WWII. I hope to get a lot of feedback on this manuscript so that I can submit it for publication this summer.


Becca said...

That image is awesome. I had no idea that the diamond industry was oddly patriotic during the WWII era. Fascinating.

The dress looks amazing on you. I've often thought of trying it on, but for some reason never have. Maybe I'll add it to my birthday wishlist, too. I hope to get my birthday coupon soon!

Steph said...

That dress looks like it was made for you, seriously!
I can't wait to see you in the khaki motif, though the navy is so beautiful on you.

What's the item on the very right?


Steph said...

Yes, I was referring to the diamond ad photo.

And I do hope you receive your b-day coupon... because I didn't get one and I'm still upset about it (it was supposed to come in December).

Thirteenlbs said...

Your research sounds really interesting!

And, yeah- that dress is pretty much perfect on you.

Dana said...

I love love love this dress. It is so flattering on you. I wish I fit into Anthropologie clothing because it has such nice lines.

two birds said...

this dress is so flattering on you! so beautiful!

Raquelita said...

Your new research project sounds really fascinating! I hope you get some constructive feedback at the conference!

That dress is really lovely on you!


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