October 26, 2011

Anthropologie Reviews: Unconditional Osier Dress and Bookbinder Heels

When I first saw the Unconditional Osier dress, I have to admit that I didn't look twice. But after seeing this dress look so lovely on Carol of Pretty Things, Dea of Dea Diaries, and Roxy of Effortless Anthropologie, (among others) I got the urge to give it a try. I grabbed the medium which was a bit small. A large would have been a much better fit (and it would likely offer more length which is desirable for some). The cotton shell is not fully attached so you might want to put the two pieces on separately. I made the mistake of putting them on together leading the shell to get pretty twisted at first. It also caused the weirdness at the waist visible in the second photo (or maybe that is lunch! lol). I kind of like that the pieces are detached because that adds additional possibilities for layering and changing it up. Overall I think this dress is very pretty but I am going to pass. I think it is kind of overpriced at retail. Frankly, I feel that way about most of the recent Anthropologie pieces. I find myself waiting for second cuts more and more often... or just letting things I thought I wanted sell out with no remorse.

One item from Anthropologie that I did covet in sustained way was the Bookbinder Heels. And thanks to Sian from The British Anthropologi(e)st I now have a pair. She was kind enough to ship ones that didn't fit her at cost from the UK. There they went on second cut sale so (after the currency conversion) I scored them for a little less than the US sale price. Here in the US my size had long sold out so I would have missed these beauties otherwise. I want to echo the reviewers on the product page that these run a touch big in length, narrow in the footbed, and wider in the heel. Although my usual 7.5s fit well, I will probably need heel grips. The dorsay style is sexy but the heel detail keeps it clever and bookish. The embedded platform makes them heel height quite comfortable. I highly recommend these at the sale price if you are in need of brown leather heels but want something more unique than the usual pump.


thatdamngreendress said...

Great deal on the bookbinder shoes!  As a book nerd I definitely felt some heartache over these, but this style of shoe just won't stick to my feet somehow so...none for me!

I too feel like the increasingly stratospheric pricing is turning me off (especially when my FP wavering grid dress dropped immediately to a second-cut price less than a month after buying it...)

M. said...

I've been crushing on that dress (and suppressed my crush on those heels) for awhile.  I'm glad you brought up the length of it, though, especially because I think you still have three inches on me and with tights, it would be totally appropriate for teaching.  The medium looks fine on you--where was the tightness?

diamondsandtulle said...

LOVE the Bookbinder Heels!  What a great transaction and deal you got!

xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

aloopylife said...

I actually tried this dress in a medium and loved it.  My only concern is the skip's straps are so thin that I can't wear a proper bra.  Wondering if I should risk it anyway...


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