January 20, 2012

Saks Pittsburgh Liquidation

For Saks Fifth Avenue in Pittsburgh, this week marked an official beginning of the end. The Post-Gazette reported yesterday that the Saks Pittsburgh liquidation sale commenced with the company set to shutter their doors on March 17th, 2012.

Although I am really bummed to see Downtown Pittsburgh lose yet another retailer, I reserve a tiny amount of (irrational and completely unfounded) hope that perhaps Saks corporate will opt to open something in the burbs. The empty Boscovs space at South Hills Village would be suitable. The Tanger Outlet in Washington hosts a nice Off Fifth location but who doesn't like the ability to scope new arrivals and shop Saks' legendary Black Friday or After Christmas sales in person?

I also want to say that even though I was a relatively infrequent and predominantly sales-shopping customer of the store, the customer service in Pittsburgh was fantastic. The sales associates made you feel appreciated and welcomed, even when it was obvious that someone (like me) was going to make a b-line for the clearance racks. Perhaps this should be taken for granted and expected from retailers? Still, I know from shopping other similar stores around the country that this was remarkable. So thank you Pittsburgh Saks associates for being so kind and warm over the years! I wish all of you luck and hope that the severance packages were as generous as the kindness you extended to your patrons.


Christina Marcus said...

How sad! I hope they open one in the burbs for you! Who doesn't love some therapeutic window shopping? Maybe that was the problem...

April and Maya said...

I've noticed that truly high end stores seem to be the most gracious in terms of not judging a book by its cover when you first walk in.  The most amazing service I ever had was at Burberry in Kansas City.  I mean really, who knows these days who has money and who doesn't?  And who knows whether the girl dressed head to toe in Old Navy might be coming to drop a grand on a long saved for splurge.  I appreciate it so much.  You find the snobbiest sales people in the places that are just above mid range but not quite high end.  I always want to pull an Edina Monsoon and say "You can drop the attitude.  You only work in a shop."

Melissa Pust said...

Hey Jess-
Target and Dick's are going into South Hills Village.  Target will take the bottom floor and Dick's will take the top.  My brother works Saks in Tanger and heard that Ross Park or somewhere else may get a Saks.


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