August 12, 2012

Pregnant in Anthro: Primary Colors

I bought this dress on ebay recently. It was previously not an item that made my wishlist but now that I am pregnant, I seek out pieces with stretchy panels and room to grow. This one has a ruched elastic back, making it possible to fit my 24 week belly. I first saw it on a blogger named Katie who sported a great deal of Anthropologie throughout her second and into her third trimesters.

I've long suspected that a lot of Anthropologie pieces might work for a transitioning body. The flowy shapes and elastic fabrics offer room to grow. And although not everything that I thought would be useful has been a success, I figured it made sense to share with others what has worked for me (and what might work for them) so I am calling these posts "pregnant in anthro." I am also looking for other bloggers who shared maternity options that worked for them while pregnant. I know Molly did a great post with a bunch of other anthro-fans sporting full bellies (check out Anthrobumpogie here). She also had an amazing Anthro-centric maternity fashion series that you can scroll through here.

For my week by week belly photos you can follow on my pregnancy blog.

Anthropologie "Anchors Aweigh" dress (another cute and bump friendly yellow dress here)
Gap cropped cardi (similar)
Michelle Franz bag (similar)
Chloé flower flats (similar)


Sharon said...

Jess you are the most stylish pregnant woman I know! :)

thatdamngreendress said...

This dress looks fantastic- what a find, and not one I would have expected to be pregnancy friendly! But then, Molly rocked that layered column dress whilst so extremely pregnant... Fun!

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Thank you! If it weren't for the stretchy back panel, it wouldn't be very pregnancy friendly. I do think it will be a tad short if I puff out a lot more but with tights it might still work.


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