September 26, 2012

See you in September (2013)!

As the weather cools the blogosphere is rumbling with enthusiasm over fall.  I too find the changing season to be exciting. Who doesn't love apples and pumpkins and sweater weather? But without my favorite wardrobe standbys to turn to, I expect this fall will feel decidedly different. Not better or worse, per se. Just different. Although I won't be able rotate through my usual fall wardrobe I also know that as a consummate sap, I will come to feel a great deal of nostalgia for what promises to be a very pregnant fall. Just as I already feel a lot of nostalgia for this time of year in 2010, during the lead up to my wedding date. Both periods came with anxieties of anticipation over all the various "unknowns." But ultimately the stress created from my anticipations remains a happy variety, with optimism over the changing shape of life to come. So while I might feel a lot of uncertainty over how my life will change once I am a parent, I look forward to it. One of the most important lessons I've learned from my family and my parent friends is that love multiplies. It doesn't divide and is not finite.

Philosophically, it seems fitting that fall's inescapable tropes of bounty and harvest correspond closely with the expansion of my and Chris's household. The reality of our scenario change in going from two to three is impending. And I still have so much more to do. But when I'm feeling frivolous, I go through my outfit photo archives to try and envision how I will wear some of my favorite pieces with a child in tow... assuming I am able to fit into them again someday!


carol_prettythings said...

My first pregnancy was such an amazing time of discovery and despite my very limited wardrobe choices (especially then with a severely restricted income), I felt a boosted self/body-image. For me, I have strong memories of being pregnant through an upstate New York winter. It's entirely possible for you to get back into your lovely things after your pregnancy. It takes a bit of work (breastfeeding helps!) and discipline, but it can be done. So excited for you and Chris. :)

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Thank you for the kind words and encouragement, Carol. I am really excited about this new venture in my life and that I do know so many moms who maintain their style and get back to their pre-pregnancy bodies helps me feel optimistic.


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