June 19, 2008

Banned banned banned forever

So a number of things happened since my last post that mean I have to return everything that has tags on it and try to sell what doesn't (of those things I can bear to sell, anyway).

Chris and I were basically evicted from our home. Our landlord made some risky investments that went sour, leading him to put his house on the market without telling us. It sold and his plan is to move back into our house. Because our house is his house. Such is the peril of renting. He technically gave us 30 days but basically coerced us to get out by the end of the month. I don't want to give him another penny in rent anyway. So we are under the gun trying to pack, move, find a place to rent, or possibly buy a home. We have to pinch all our pennies, postpone our future and travel plans, and basically accept that overpriced slums are the only rentals that will fit our budget and permit our dog. Hence, the consideration to buy. But buying means I will be even more cash poor because so much of our money will be poured into cosmetic changes and appliance upgrades. While we might end up spending less on a mortgage, to make any home in our price range liveable, we will have to change a lot of things. They will be good long-term investments, as they will increase the resale value of a home, but in the short term, my quality of life is going to suffer and that makes me really sad. We also got other bad news last week in terms of the health of a loved one. To top it all off, I fell hard onto concrete and scraped up my hands and knees. It was like the universe was conspiring to make my last summer days in Pittsburgh as awful as possible. I am very close to being ABD because I HAVE to finish before I start my fellowship. And I didn't need any additional stress. But I have it in SPADES. :( :( :(

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