November 19, 2008

If I hit the lottery and had a time machine:

1. I would re-buy the jovovich hawk roslyn dress which I regret returning. But the only place that still has it is net-a-porter and it is way too much there.

2. I would find and at least try on this "Stewardess Dress" by Amanda Uprichard so that I could discover that this style is not right for me no matter how cute I think it is.

3. I would have ordered this Brian Reyes dress:
4. And this Development dress:

But I don't NEED any dresses. I need tops and fabric dye right now. I have a bunch of jeans that fit me well but need to be darker to neutralize the faux-aged effect that was all the rage when I purchased them years back. And I need tops to wear with those jeans. I could also use some cords but those are no fun to buy.

Supposedly there is some crazy secret pre-sale happening dahntahn so even though I was just in there on Saturday I guess I am going to Saks today to see if any tops I like are cheap.

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