May 10, 2023

Boden Sample Sale in Pittsburgh on May 20th 2023!

The Boden Sample Sale is coming back to Pittsburgh! It will be at the David L Lawrence Convention Center on May 20th from 10am-4pm. At this point, I feel like a bit of a Sample Sale expert! I try not to miss it and have shared my tips in prior posts. But if you are new to the sale, I am happy to answer questions. Flat pricing continues and is a bit higher than the last time I shared.  Sometimes sale buyers get a special reusable tote with purchase! The last sale had giant nylon ones that say Boden on them. 

NOTE: It seems like the communal fitting rooms are a thing of the past. They stopped having them to adhere to covid-19 related regulations and have stuck with the practice even after regulations were sunset. They do have mirrors set up around the space, but without the half-privacy of a communal fitting room, you will want to be even more considered in your choices of underpinnings. 

Photo of Mini Boden Sample Sale Table with colorful clothes
Mini Boden Sample Sale Table featuring colorful clothing

I prefer to wear a base layer of tank top and leggings so that I can remain modest, as the event brings a crowd. Remember, all sales are final. You will want to try things on before buying and look things over carefully. In my own haste, I have bought many things over the years that I realized later had flaws. Holes, missing parts of a set, and even a few items with the word "SAMPLE" written on them, in permanent marker. Whoops! 

Photo of Boden handbags at sample sale
Boden Sample Sale Handbags and Accessories table

SOME TIPS: My strategy is kind of lazy. I don't think it is necessary to go at opening, especially if you are mostly going for womenswear. 

Photo of a Boden Sample Sale
Boden Sample Sale Customers Shopping

Kid's stuff does get picked over faster, but there is almost always good stuff left over. The first shoppers always grab way more than they wind up buying. They take their big bags of clothes off to the side to consider and sort. Inevitably, they will weed out stuff and put back the things they decide to not get. So I always check the kids' tables a few times: when I arrive, after my first round of try-ons, and one last look before I check out. 

Be mindful of website prices as they sometimes beat the sample sale ones. You can search an item from the SKU number on the tag. If it doesn't have a tag, you can try a Google Lens search to get an idea of what it sells for. I try to make sure whatever I buy is a good deal and sometimes for certain items, the website clearance prices are lower. 

Boden Sample Sale Price List
Recent Boden Sample Sale Price List

It helps to bring a big Ikea tote to contain the things you plan to try on, then I try them on, ideally twice. The mirrors are not super reliable (slanted and sometimes a little warped) so look in a few of them. If you have a friend, ask them to take a photo, since we know from Clueless/Cher those are more reliable.  

Finally, go with realistic expectations and an open mind. The sale brings the chance to see items in person that I usually only would see in a catalog or on the website. I know I am more likely to try on things I wouldn't have given second thought otherwise. It is a fun event and Pittsburgh is lucky to be the farthest west of the locations where the sale travels. Happy Shopping! 

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