March 28, 2022

Boden Vouchers Offer 30% Savings from Gilt City and Ruelala!

Another round of Boden Vouchers are available from now until April 11th, 2022 on Gilt City

$150 Credit for $110
$250 Credit for $180
$500 Credit for $350

Edited to update that the prices are a bit lower on the smaller dollar vouchers now. I guess they may not have been selling as well as they hoped? Also they are now available on RueLaLa also

Once you get your voucher, you can use it like a gift card by shopping on the Boden website. In the past, when I use a voucher, unused portions are put into my bank of Boden account credit. 

The value amounts to about 30% off if you go for the biggest option. In the past, Gilt has done buy more save more promotions which enabled up to $40 off a gilt city promotion. So a $250 voucher could be bought for $160. THAT would make for an even more amazing deal! These stack with Boden promotional codes (use v9h7 for 20% off right now!), so they aren't to be missed if you are a big fan of the brand! 

Let me know if you have any questions. I feel like a voucher pro at this point! 

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