November 24, 2008

Should it stay or should it go?

"Pre-sales" are dangerous because you really don't have any material or physical way of carrying the weight (literally) of what you've accumulated. For example, although I recalled what I had presold on Thursday and Friday of last week, I certainly didn't anticipate it would look like this once it was all ready to go:

And therefore, I failed to anticipate that wouldn't be capable of schlepping everything I got alone, from department to department, only to acquire more stuff to carry as I picked up my other "holds."

In a presale, the measure of your shopping prowess is swept away by the sales associate who holds your things for you until the official sale begins. Your interaction doesn't feel like a contract or even a transaction, so much as a gentle agreement that the SA will claim the items as yours when asked, and that you, the customer will return on the determined date to at least make final selections.

What I didn't bring home with me:
The Chloé Saskia tote (in a chestnut brown color). It was beautiful. The leather was fantastic. It was 70% off which is unheard of for this designer. And it fit over my shoulder. But it didn't make the cut because even at 70% off, it was priced high for a bag with no zip top. And the straps were long enough to fit but not comfortably and that issue would only be exacerbated once the bag was full.
Tory Burch alligator pumps. Now these were an incredible price. Cheaper than every pair of Revas I own (and I've never paid retail for Revas). But that's the issue. I got home and counted the Revas in my closet and took the advice of a wise friend who was helping me eliminate the excess. They are also somewhat similar to a pair of Chloé knock-off pumps I have by Steven by Steve Madden.
Not exactly, but the shine of the leather, the gold detail around the heel, and the general 60s mod vibe of them is alike enough that it was wise to pass, even at the doorbusting price. Thank goodness I made some cuts! I can't imagine having to carry any more than I already did. Thank goodness more so that Rich, my neighbor who was also retrieving his sale winnings, swooped in to make a trip to the car with half of my bags so I could finish the process of transitioning from pre-sale to sale to sold.

What did make the cut? That's up next!


Maggie said...

jess, sometimes i think i know enough about fashion and the like, and then i read your posts on your blog and the board and it's like "whoa, maggie, you could learn a ton from this gal!" thanks for keeping me humble :p

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

:) You're too funny! If you have a blog, I'd love to read what you have to say about fashion and shopping.


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