February 12, 2009

Harnessing a Trend: Exposed Slips and My Own Abaete Nancie Skirt

A few epals had great luck during some of the recent sales! They were able to score this romantic, whimsical, divinely feminine Abaete "Nancie" skirt which features a detached, exposed petticoat.

The sizing for this skirt ran notoriously small (size 0's needing size 6's, etc.) so I didn't work too hard to locate one. I heard rumblings about an H&M knockoff but then learned that the exposed slip matched the skirt, which seemed too monotonous to emulate such a uniquely feminine, exposed slip effect, as shown above. So I set out on a mission: To find and acquire a suitable approximation of that petticoat and then locate a topskirt of appropriate length.

Well, part 1 of that mission is complete as of today.

I purchased this scalloped petticoat off Ebay (thanks to a clutch tip from epal, Najeema) and I will keep it handy for part 2. It will be necessary that I have the petticoat with me to ensure the proper length of a black, grey, brown, or navy flouncy, natural-waisted skirt. My quest to adopt the exposed slip began earlier.

I don't quite recall when I first noticed this emerging trend. I do remember vividly that I was extremely happy this summer when I acquired this Marc by Marc Jacobs Mochachino velvet dress with attached lace petticoat from Barneys Coop in Georgetown for 75% off retail.

It was great for fall and I hope to wear it a few more times before the end of winter! The other week I purchased a vintage-inspired piece from Anthropologie with the intent to build outfits around the pretty, pleated hemline. I displayed it in my last post, paired with a Manoush ruffle bib dress.

With these key pieces in tact, project exposed slips will continue to be successful in 2k9 thanks to the additions the topskirt (readers, please let me know if you spot anything) and my new scalloped petticoat!


Ashley said...

I can't wait to see the final product! Love the exposed slip look, it's really very cute.


Lisa said...

This is a really cute look! I wonder if you could mimic it DIY-style and sew an extra flounce at the bottom of a really full circle skirt?

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Thank you guys. I wish I was a more skilled sewer so that I could just put an extra flounce into a circle skirt!


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