February 08, 2009

Valentine Date Inspiration

valentine bows
valentine bows - by jesspgh on Polyvore.com*

While playing around in polyvore, I decided to make a set involving my dream Valentine's day look. Chris and I will be flying to NYC that day so that he can present at a conference. I am going to have to pack pretty light (and plan to write more on that later). This means we probably won't have much opportunity to get all dolled up or cook a fantastic meal together, like we usually do. If I was going somewhere for a Valentine's date, I would construct an outfit around the theme of bows.

Bows can be tricky. It can be hard for them not to seem too twee or too juvenile. The bows embellishing the items above straddle sophistication with cute and vaguely romantic whimsy, preventing them from being cutesy. Granted, for a regular day, this would be a bit over the top. But for special occasions, and worn with the right attitude, this would make for a dreamy date ensemble!

*Although I am not typically a big pink person, there seems to be a lot of bow-and-pink overlap. Happy Valentine's Week!


Chloe said...

Ohhh that Miu Miu dress is perfection!

Anonymous said...

what a *perfect* outfit :) i especially love the chantal thomass umbrella.


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