February 06, 2009

Pittsburgh Waterfront Shopping Report: Filene's Basement Closing Sale, TJ Maxx and Marshalls Clearance Sales, etc.

Speck, being the little pre-arthritic pup she is, was almost out of her joint vitamin biscuits so I had to hit up a Petco this week. I decided to go to the Homestead Waterfront to check out the Filene's Basement closing sale and other Waterfront staples.

First up was Filene's. I spent a LONG time lingering here because everything was obviously non-returnable and final sale so the items I contemplated had to be sure things. By now most of the stuff was picked over. They had a HUGE fur coat section which is really weird because I've never before seen A fur at Filene's, let alone an entire section of furs.

The clothing for women was pretty meh. There was still a decent amount of Vault stuff from Barneys (75% off the marked price) including a dress by Rachel Roy, some Kate Spade for Topshop, all of the ugly Armani, and a formal looking Missoni clown dress for formal clown conventions. I bought the last See by Chloe dress which I had tried on months earlier.

What was left in Men's was all inspired by Ed Hardy and hideous save for some nicer dress shirts and ties. No Barneys Vault stuff to be found for men.

They had some luggage at decent prices (extra 20% off lowest price). I got chris and I these carryons from the future.

One gray and one black. I almost got red but I already have red luggage.

The shoe section was probably the most fully stocked of the whole store and the prices weren't great so I am not surprised. Lots of overpriced nine west, steve madden, lots of blowfish, rampage, etc. etc. for an extra 20% off in addition to their regular clearance section in shoes which had no bonus discounts. Nothing that exciting in handbags (additional 20% off). A few lesportsac mini organizer bags. I got a striped one that fits my iphone. Hopefully it will prevent tragedies like the great screen smash of holiday '08.

I made my final selections and headed to the checkout, feeling pretty sad and nostalgic for the glory days of Filene's shopping. Then I hit up Target. On my way there I passed Dicks which had great painted windows in honor of the Steelers:

I went to Target to scope the new Orla Kiely for Target housewares and accessories.

Nothing was out yet. Boo! I did see the Hayden Harnett for Target stuff and contemplated buying the fantastic umbrella. I will wait for a sale.

Next were Marshalls and TJ Maxx, where I found pretty great deals on nice sweaters. I got three merino wool Design History boyfriend cardigans (black, gray, and purple) for about 85% off retail.

Shown with my See by Chloe Dress

I also found some cute, cheap cashmere cardigans for 85% or more off retail. I rounded out my purchases with some gifts for a few people with upcoming bdays.

I passed on a very cute $29 Theory dress from fall of 2007 and a few other random mid level designer odds and ends. They had a couple Le Mystere and Felina bras in random sizes for $13. And some very pretty and soft Vera Wang pajamas for $25. If you are looking for Le Crueset French Ovens in Blue, Green, or Flame (orange) now is the time to hit up TJ Maxx and Marshalls because they had a bunch in various sizes.

Shoes were marked down also. I got these funny double-strap maryjanes by dollhouse for $10.

They are not leather but heel height is nice and low (probably under 3 inches) so they will be good for teaching.

I stopped at Giant Eagle, Getgo, and Petco too. But those stores are pretty boring, except for when you get to pet animals at Petco.

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