March 06, 2009

Present Mountain for Chris's 29th

Present Mountain

Chris's 29th birthday was exciting because it was going to occur right after we came home from New York. In classic form, I was finished buying his gifts quite early, so I begged him to open them before we went, knowing some of the items would be useful on our trip. Some weren't. But he was happy to oblige my request. I love birthdays!

I found the stout decanter above (in the middle) at Restoration Hardware. Chris filled it with a bottle of Bulleit Bourbon that I bought for him at the Wine and Spirits store.

This Fred Perry messenger bag is Chris's third. His blue canvass one began to tear and the zipper broke on the black and gold version. I hope this one will be sturdy. The other two lasted a long while.

The Zombies' classic album, Odessey and Oracle has been a favorite of ours for a while. It is about time Chris owned it on vinyl! In addition to this record, I gave him a book about classic cocktails, Cormac McCarthy's The Road, a Theory dress shirt, a Steeler hoodie, and a Bodum
travel mug with an internal French press:

Since our burr grinder kicked the bucket, I had my parents buy him this Bodum one:

Which they gave him in addition to some Spanish-to-English and Portuguese-to-English dictionaries, and the Steeler Superbowl XLIII dvd. Happy Birthday to Chris! xoxo


chris said...

pretty goodamn amazing birthday, if you ask me.

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Thanks for reading, Chris! :)

chris said...

so far, these presents are holding up marvelously! i endorse the author of this blog as a great gift giver.


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