March 19, 2009

Recent Outfits and Chris's End of Season Find: PS by Paul Smith Coat

The weather has been warm in the afternoons, but chilly in the evenings for the last few weeks. As a result, I've been trying my best to squeeze in as much of my colder weather wardrobe as possible, within reason. I love fall and winter fabrics, colors, and layers, and I've already professed my love for outerwear in many posts here. But the warmth has meant more dog walks, more lingering outside in the yard, and more time basking in the sun! Here are some recent outfits, including a recent buy Chris made at the end of season sale at Moda, the mens clothing boutique in Shadyside.

PS by Paul Smith coat

I found this Anna Sui dress on ebay, new with tags, for an amazing price! It is from the fall 2007 collection. I love the peter pan collar, even though I layered over it here.

Zara plaid dress on left and Zara red coat on right.

Green DVF on St. Patrick's day. Old Navy hoodie and cords with Sperry topsiders on the right.


Anonymous said...

Love the Zara red coat. My favorite coat from years ago was red...only $30... and I wore it EVERYWHERE.

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Thank you! I've had that coat for a few years and it has held up beautifully for the price! You can't beat a red coat. :)


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