March 12, 2009

Well Heeled: Triple Strap Snap Mary Janes by Jill Stuart

Sometimes all it takes to remind me to browse the sale pages of etailers is that they merely exist. Alyx of the hilarious LolFed clued me into a sale occuring at so I was off to look.

Pittsburgh-based Chick Downtown had an unsavory reputation according to members from The Purse Blog and messageboard forums. This rep was corroborated by their Better Business Bureau rating, but when I heard that Kim, formerly of Pittsburgh's South Side Works Shopping Center's Karma Boutique was joining the team, I became optimistic that their variable customer service would become more consistent. While I haven't gone back to the brick and mortar store recently, I decided to take a chance by making an online order with them. The decision was easy when I saw these gorgeous triple strap, snap, mary jane pumps by Jill Stuart.

They style name is Tricia and they feel higher than their stated 3.5 inches, but I am a heel wuss. The color is called ink but in person they are more of a gunmetal gray. By using the code, "ADD40" for an extra 40% discount, they ended up being 75% off retail! I ordered them in the evening on March 10th and got the shipment notice yesterday. Since they only had to travel across town, they greeted me early this morning! Maybe if I am still feeling lucky, I will make an in-person visit to Chick Dahntahn soon!

Edited to update that the shoes arrived with lightning speed and they are just as beautiful in person! Hopefully this boutique, which has gorgeous stock and a variety of names that include just about all of my favorite designers, will do what they can to ensure that my positive experience becomes standard protocol for all their customers!


Alyx said...

AHHHH YOU ACTUALLY GOT THEM! It's a Christmas miracle and it's not even Christmas! :)

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

hahaha! Should I go empty my savings on lottery tickets?

Seriously, I am hopeful that they will run a tighter ship under Kim's tutelage.

Chloe said...

Those are GORGEOUS!

But yeah. I'm still scared to order from Chick Downtown after hearing the horror stories. Keep us updated!

Anonymous said...

very cute

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Thank you Chloe and Balmainbazaar!

I understand your reticence, Chloe. I do think that customer service can evolve for a company but it is hard to come back from a tarnished reputation. Time will tell...

Thanks for reading!

Anonymous said...

Gooooorgeous...but then again, I am a sucker for all things mary jane.

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Me too, Jennifer Nicole! I still kick myself for missing the ChloƩ triple strap maryjanes from a few seasons back.


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