April 10, 2009

Consume or Consumed featured on The Coveted!

Be sure to check out Jennine from The Coveted's followup article about the forgotten closet treasures of other bloggers. The original entry about Jennine's old but understandably beloved "rags" stimulated my thinking and inspired me to consider one of my own forgotten goodies.

This Old Rag? Our Lurking Treasures features many bloggers, including Consume or Consumed, in a vintage, home sewn dress I can't part with but also never wear.


Unknown said...

so fabulous! I think I have a very similar one I too got at goodwill ...the fit is exactly the same and it's hand sewn as well. I love it! ...found you via the coveted

Sandra @ Debutanteclothing.com said...

Love the dress! You most definitely need to be one of my muses! Where can I email you? I left my email on IFB if you want to reach me there!

Haute World said...

Great dress! I really need to start digging out my clothes. Because I've moved so much, many of them are still in boxes somewhere :(

Btw, I have a belated birthday gift for you. I found out when the Moschino trench came out. It was Fall 2001. You must have missed it on Style.com - it's towards the end. Alex Wek is wearing the beige version, Karen Elsen the black one. The swimsuit is from resort 2006. I think the trompe l'oeil pieces are spread out throughout the years, because it's one of those signature Moschino elements they like to bring back from time to time.

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

love Maegan, I just adored your look in the blog entry. Thank you for reading.

Sandra, count me IN! You can email me at jesspgh(at)gmail(dot)com. :)

The Haute-Shopper, that is the best present!!! Thank you so much! I searched through the photos from both collections/seasons and am grateful to realize that this indeed seems to be an aesthetic element that Moschino invokes regularly. I only hope to add a piece with this trick of the eye to my closet eventually!


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