April 25, 2009

In Honor of the NFL Draft: Outfit Fandom from the Consume or Consumed Archives

Here you can see me wearing one of my earliest sport-fandom inspired outfits of the day. It is in honor of my first true sports love: The Steelers. Although my look matches that of my dad and little brother, you can see how I've styled it to be my own through the assistance of accessories.

In this case, turquoise jelly shoes, white tights, and a pink plastic telephone coil belt.

I hope the Steelers draft some promising offensive (and defensive) lineman. Glad to hear Hines Ward is here for another 4 years (poised to retire as a Steeler). The Pens won in the playoffs. Yay Pittsburgh! Yay for more chances to be an expressive and fashionable fan!


Miss Yaya said...

jellies! the memories

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Haha so true, Miss Yaya!! I've seen jellies for sale all over the place recently, too.

Dream Sequins said...

You've inspired me to look for some old family pics of me and my sister. I'm clutching my very first purse and my sister is wearing a little sailor inspired dress. Times have not changed very much for us :)


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