July 30, 2009

Easier Said Than Done... Not buying til Fall

Since I made my last post I still haven't bought any clothes, shoes, or bags. I did stock up on some underwear and hosiery from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I justified it because if a key pair of tights developed a hole in the fall I'd kick myself for having to pay full price. And the foundation garments I prefer don't go on sale except for now. Basics are different from continuing the superfluous accumulation of STUFF.

But I haven't bought otherwise. I am trying my best to not buy until Fall, since I don't really like summer clothes anyway, save for one See By Chloé linen dress I bought two sale cycles ago.

It is so simple and I hope to wear it in summers for years.

I have also toyed with the idea of forgoing my usual fall gluttony (since it IS my favorite season) and indulging in just one dress.

This one in particular. I imagine I'd wear it with bittersweet chocolate tights, and burnt orange vintage inspired buckle pumps with a chunky square heel. But it is essentially the more expensive Chloé version of my See by Chloé Trail Print Dress in a different pattern/colorway.

The shape is the same. The sleeves are the same. The exaggerated peter pan seaming near the collar is the same. But the price tag on the Chloé (even seasons removed from its initial debut) is far more extravagant than its diffusion line sister dress. So I guess it isn't meant to be! But I am reminded again of why I need to review what I have before making impulse purchases. More often than not, in doing so I will remember owning something which approximates closely the desired new/new-to-me item.

One thrify way I've avoided shopping for bags is by trading with other fashionable ladies in need of a switch. A woman from The Purse Forum offered me her Marc Jacobs Collection quilted Mouse Gray Blake in exchange for my Marc by Marc Jacobs Elderberry Quinn.

Although my lifestyle is probably better suited for the more casual Quinn and Elderberry is one of my favorite Marc by Marc leather colors of all time, I have also long admired MJ collection Mouse gray. And although I really like the practicality of the MBMJ turnlock line, I am starting to tire of its ubuiquity (though I see far less bags in Pittsburgh than in larger cities). My MJ Venetia (which I sold a while ago) couldn't fit over the shoulders but the Blake can. The retail prices on these bags carry a pretty significant difference (hers cost more, though she got it second hand) but at the end of the trade both of us were happy campers.

How are you managing to avoid shopping? Or are you indulging in the sales?


Amy // The Girl In The Bowler Hat said...

I can't avoid shopping. I try my best and last a few days by thinking to myself 'that will suit someone taller', 'it'll suit someone skinnier'. I tend to just spend and regret it and wish I had the money for nice clothes :D

I love the bags.


James said...

Shadyside Sidewalk Sale: why/how could you avoid that?!

I bought a trench coat from United Colors of Benetton for $25. It's normally $300!

Michael St. James said...

avoid shopping?!? i don't think so...

hippyhippychic said...

you got a good deal in that bag swap! love the grey one. i dont like summer clothes much either, and after buying the basics like bikini and shorts I'm saving all my pennies for the perfect winter wardrobe.
(: x


Haute World said...

If I put myself on a ban I'm really good at avoiding shopping. I just went on one starting this week, because I really won't be needing anything until Fall and I already know exactly what I will be getting then. The bag swap idea is great by the way! Thankfully purses are the one thing I rarely buy... it's more the shoes that get me ;-)

Sheena said...

I think I've done pretty well avoiding the shops so far. Like you, I'm not a fan of summer clothing, so I just bought a couple of tops/pants to update my overall look, but I didn't spend a lot of money. For Fall, I buy myself a couple of new items every pay period, but I really stretch myself out. My list is made and I'm sticking to it.

Love those Chloe dresses.

Anonymous said...

dang. i am trying to avoid shopping much at the moment too, but looking at your blog is not helping at all! you have the best taste in dresses, and i love your picks here.

Dream Sequins said...

I keep saying that I'll avoid shopping, and then I'll see something that I love and just buy it on a whim. Sigh. I'm not going to be able to buy my dream camera if I keep leaking expenses this way!

miss sophie said...

as a fellow grad student i know all too well about the temptations of end-of-season sales...fall is also my favorite season, i'm mostly indulging in virtual picks and waiting out for the stores to stock up in mid september before venturing out. not an easy feat in nyc! :P


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